CP0334 - Spatial Strategy Making

SchoolCardiff School of Planning and Geography
Department CodeCPLAN0
Module CodeCP0334
External Subject CodeK410
Number of Credits20
Language of DeliveryEnglish
Module Leader Dr Neil Harris
SemesterAutumn Semester
Academic Year2013/4

Outline Description of Module

CP0334 Spatial Strategy Making is a project-based module in which students are supported in developing important skills in producing a spatial plan or strategy in response to a series of identified problems at a sub-regional or city-regional scale. Students will develop their skills in identifying appropriate scales for intervening in strategic spatial planning issues, as well as in identifying the critical planning issues that can be addressed through a spatial strategy. Students are introduced to a range of different perspectives from multiple stakeholders and required to identify the key issues that need to be addressed. The project will also introduce students to a range of different data sources needed to explore key spatial planning issues. This is used to produce a spatial portrait of the city-region. The module then introduces students to various techniques in generating and applying different scenarios or futures to the city-region. These are then used as a basis for elaborating a spatial strategy for the city-region. Students prepare a spatial strategy as the main project output, which should include a visualisation of the strategy. Students present their project outputs at key stages of the module, including a final exhibition of the project work. The project work is conducted in groups, although individual contributions to group work are evaluated throughout the project and also in an individual viva.

This module has the following aims:

On completion of the module a student should be able to

A student successfully completing this module will be able to:

How the module will be delivered

The module is delivered in ‘block teaching’ format – this means that teaching is scheduled for a full day’s session on selected weeks of the semester. These sessions are delivered in a mix of lecture-based teaching, group work tasks and studio-based learning. A team of teaching staff are engaged in the module as well as invited external speakers. There is an emphasis on interaction and engagement between staff and students, as well as an emphasis on students learning from each others’ work, outputs and ideas.

Skills that will be practised and developed

Students will develop and practise skills in the following:

How the module will be assessed


How the module will be assessed


The assessment of the module is based on a project-work submission that is completed by students working in groups, with the module comprising both group and individual assessments. Students present this work in a report-style submission that both provides a spatial portrait of the city-region and develops a spatial strategy for the city-region. The word limit for the report is 12,000 words. The second method of assessing the module comprises the production of materials for a public exhibition (exhibition panels and a flyer). The final method of assessing students is an individual oral examination. This is assessed in its’ own right but may also be used – alongside peer evaluation of contributions to group work – to adjust individuals’ marks for group work assignments. These mechanisms are used to ensure that all students have made appropriate and effective contributions to the group work components of the module.


There are also opportunities for formative assessment of parts of the final report submission with feedback provided at an early stage of the module. Similarly, there is a formative assessment stage for the exhibition materials. Informal feedback in studio sessions is also provided regularly.


Type of assessment





(if applicable)

Approx. date of Assessment

Group Report


Spatial strategy for the Cardiff city-region



Group Poster


Exhibition panels and flyer



Oral examination


Individual viva voce

25-30 mins
























The potential for reassessment in this module


Students are permitted to be reassessed in a module which they have failed, in line with the course regulations. The reassessment will usually take place during the summer.



Assessment Breakdown

Type % Title Duration(hrs) Period Week
Portfolio 15
Spatial Strategy Making Report - Exhibition Panels And Flyer
N/A 1 N/A
Report 60
Spatial Strategy Making Report - Spatial Strategy For The Cardiff City-region
N/A 1 N/A
Oral/Aural Assessment 25
Spatial Strategy Making - Individual Viva Voce (oral Exam)
N/A 1 N/A

Syllabus content

Students are required to attend all sessions of the module and attendance is monitored at these sessions due to the collaborative and group work elements of the module.

The syllabus includes the following elements:

Essential Reading and Resource List

This module utilises academic and professional literature and students will be expected to become familiar with conceptual literature as well as policy and practice documents relevant to the region for which the spatial strategy is prepared. Students should also review local press and media during the course of the project.


Key Reading List:

Barry, M. 2010. A Metro for Wales’ Capital City Region. Cardiff Business Partnership and Institute for Welsh Affairs.

Bontje, M., Musterd, S. and Pelzer, P. 2011. Inventive City-Regions. Path Dependence and Creative Knowledge Strategies. Aldershot: Ashgate.

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Healey, P., Khakee, A., Motte, A. and Needham, B. 1997. Making Strategic Spatial Plans. Innovation in Europe. London: UCL Press.

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Morgan, K.J. 2006. The Challenge of Polycentric Planning: Cardiff as a Capital City Region? Papers in Planning Research No. 185, Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning.

Neuman, M and Hull, A. (eds) 2011. The Futures of the City Region. London: Routledge.

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Punter; J. and Hooper, A. (eds) 2006. Capital Cardiff 1975-2020. Regeneration, Competitiveness and the Urban Environment. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

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Thierstein, A. and Forster, A. (eds) 2008. The Image and the Region – Making Mega-City Regions Visible. Lars Muller Publishers.


Additional reading materials will be recommended for specific sessions.

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