CP0324 - Housing Policies and Systems

SchoolCardiff School of Planning and Geography
Department CodeCPLAN0
Module CodeCP0324
External Subject CodeK400
Number of Credits20
Language of DeliveryEnglish
Module Leader Dr Pauline Card
SemesterSpring Semester
Academic Year2014/5

Outline Description of Module

The module is designed to provide an overview of the British housing system and the role of housing, planning and other government policies in shaping the quantity and quality of housing provision. It provides students with a working knowledge of key issues in planning-relevant housing policy. Emphasis is placed on considering the constraints and opportunities in planning for the delivery of sufficient, sustainable, socially inclusive, and affordable housing. Public sector housing provision is contrasted with private sector provision with an emphasis placed on issues of finance and management and access alongside quality and performance.

This strategic overview is balanced with an examination of changing household patterns and the pathways which households follow through the housing system. The focus is on housing consumption, particularly the differentiated access to appropriate housing for various groups in society.

On completion of the module a student should be able to

How the module will be delivered

The module is delivered through a series of lectures supported by at least four seminars, which provide an opportunity for students to explore a topic in more depth through guided discussion.

Skills that will be practised and developed

How the module will be assessed

This module is assessed through 2 pieces of written coursework of 2,000 words in length. The questions set for the first essay relate to the first 5 lectures of the module, those for the second essay relate to the latter part of the module. The essays allow the students to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of a particular aspect of the module, e.g. housing need and demand or the nature and causes of homelessness. Students are given guidance on the essays as a group during lectures and seminars and also on an individual basis through contact with the module leader.

Type of assessment



(if applicable)

Approx. date of Assessment




2000 words

Spring semester




2000 words

Spring semester

The opportunity for reassessment in this module

Students are permitted to be reassessed in a module which they have failed, in line with the course regulations. The reassessment will usually take place during the summer.

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Qualifying Mark Title Duration(hrs) Period Week
Written Assessment 50 N/A
Coursework 1
N/A 1 N/A
Written Assessment 50 N/A
Coursework 2
N/A 1 N/A

Syllabus content

The module is split into two sections. The first section (5 lectures) concentrates on the ways in which the quantity, quality and location of housing has been influenced by governments over time. The section includes: a history of housing policy and the changing emphasis between public and private housing provision over time; the ways in which housing has been/ is being subsidised; how we pay for housing; issues of housing need and demand and finally the provision of affordable housing.

The second section changes focus to the consumption of housing by individuals or individual households. Topics covered include: the meaning of home; homelessness and housing pathways; housing vulnerable people and creating sustainable communities. The focus across these topics is the differential access to appropriate housing experienced by different groups within society.

Essential Reading and Resource List

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Background Reading and Resource List

Audit Commission (2003) Homelessness: Responding to the new agenda London: Audit Commission http://archive.audit-commission.gov.uk/auditcommission/subwebs/publications/studies/studyPDF/2940.pdf (accessed 14/1/14) - use for definitions and causes as some of the policy information may be out of date.

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