CP0322 - Design, Development and Control

SchoolCardiff School of Planning and Geography
Department CodeCPLAN0
Module CodeCP0322
External Subject CodeK400
Number of Credits20
Language of DeliveryEnglish
Module Leader Mr Michael Biddulph
SemesterSpring Semester
Academic Year2014/5

Outline Description of Module

This module explores the design dimension of current planning and development practice, and associated issues of investment and development objectives and processes.  It reviews the continuing debate over central government design advice, the development of design principles, and the role of design in local development frameworks. It considers how to write design policies and supplementary design guidance, including design strategies, guides, conservation area appraisals and especially development briefs.  It looks at how design is dealt with in development management and in design review procedures. Issues surrounding the design of commercial office and retail development and the requirements of investors, developers, tenants and consumers are examined in some detail.  Attention is also given to housing design in both the private and social sectors examining issues of layout, construction, diversity and the management of quality.  Students will be given the opportunity to improve their graphic and document production. This module will be a useful introduction for those interested in undertaking urban design as a specialised study at Masters level.

On completion of the module a student should be able to

How the module will be delivered

The module will be presented through a mixture of lectures, student-led seminars and site visits. The lectures will present the basic ideas and thinking and show how the key concepts are applied in practice to a range of urban settings, in different types and forms of policy and guidance and to different types of development. The student-led seminars will allow students to practice the thinking in relation to a number of discrete projects. Site visits will allow students to see how the thinking has been applied in particular settings and to experience the results, whilst they will also meet and learn from practitioners using the concepts in practice.

Skills that will be practised and developed

How the module will be assessed

Students will be assessed through 2 assignments:

Assignment 1: Student seminar 20% Evaluating the design of recent developments in Cardiff or Newport

To provide a forum for discussion, and some practical examples of day-to-day design control decision making, forty five minutes will be allocated each session to discussions of recent developments in Cardiff and Newport

Assignment 2: Individual Report (80% 3000 words or equivalent in images and diagrams)

Students will identify a significant recently-completed or nearly completed development which you consider has interesting aspects of design (good or bad), and critically discuss its design quality.

Type of assessment



(if applicable)

Approx. date of Assessment



Evaluating the design of recent developments in Cardiff or Newport

45 minutes

During the module

Individual report


Student to determine through the brief

3000 words

End of the module

The opportunity for reassessment in this module

Students who fail the module overall will be asked to resubmit the individual report to a standard to allow it to pass.

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Qualifying Mark Title Duration(hrs) Period Week
Presentation 20 N/A
Evaluating The Design Of Recent Developments In Cardiff Or Newport
N/A 1 N/A
Report 80 N/A
Design, Development And Control Report
N/A 1 N/A

Syllabus content

Urban design principles. Design and the development process. How to evaluate design quality: Using Quality Reviewer. Building for Life criteria and assessments. Design in the development management process. Design policies in development plans. Design guidance. Design Strategies. Retail Development. Private Sector Urban Design Roles. Public Sector Urban design Roles. Sustainable design and construction. Master planning. Conservation Area Appraisals, Development Briefing. Site visits.

Essential Reading and Resource List

Other public resources will be circulated via learning central

Background Reading and Resource List

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