CP0135 - Property Development and Planning

SchoolCardiff School of Planning and Geography
Department CodeCPLAN0
Module CodeCP0135
External Subject CodeK410
Number of Credits20
Language of DeliveryEnglish
Module Leader Dr Pauline Card
SemesterAutumn Semester
Academic Year2014/5

Outline Description of Module

This module provides students of city and regional planning with an insight into the property development industry. The primary objective of the module is to provide students with the knowledge and awareness of the property industry to enable them to make realistic and effective interventions in the production of the built environment.

The overall objective of the module is to ensure planning students can demonstrate an understanding of the workings of the property development sector and therefore deliver sensible interventions to achieve planning objectives.

The module aims to:

On completion of the module a student should be able to

How the module will be delivered

The module will delivered through a series of lectures, including a number of presentations by senior practitioners in the field of housing, commercial and retail development, and up to 4 supporting seminars. There is also a full day field study visit to a number of sustainable property development projects in south east Wales.

Skills that will be practised and developed

How the module will be assessed

The module is assessed through a mixture of an unseen 1.5 hour exam and an evaluative report based on a compulsory field study visit. The aim of the exam is to test that students have assimilated the basic principles of property development process. The report will allow students to demonstrate that they are able to apply the knowledge they have gained about the development process and sustainability to a case study that they have visited. Part of the final lecture of the module will be set aside for the provision of examination advice and guidance, while one seminar, following the field study visit, will be used for discussion of the case studies visited and advice on how to write a report. On-going learning is assessed (formative) through three on-line multiple-choice tests.

Type of assessment



(if applicable)

Approx. date of Assessment



Evaluation of a sustainable development project visited on the Field Study Visit.

Word limit?





1.5 hours


The opportunity for reassessment in this module

Students are permitted to be reassessed in a module which they have failed, in line with the course regulations. The reassessment will usually take place during the summer.

Assessment Breakdown

Type % Qualifying Mark Title Duration(hrs) Period Week
Examination - Autumn Semester 50 N/A
Property Development And Planning
1.5 1 N/A
Written Assessment 50 N/A
Coursework - Report
N/A 1 N/A

Syllabus content

The module provides an understanding of key players in the property development industry, as well as the motivations for developing property. The module also focuses on understanding land acquisition, raising funds for financing development, and managing property assets. In addition, sessions also address the role of the public and private sectors in assembling land for development. The later stages of the module explore some of the key property development sectors of primary relevance to land use planning, including housing, retail and commercial office development, and also include a session on developing and managing major property development schemes. The relationship between sustainability, planning and property development will also be explored.

Essential Reading and Resource List

Wilkinson, S. and Reed, R. 2008. Property Development. Fifth Edition. London: Routledge.

Background Reading and Resource List

Adams, D and Tiesdell,S 2013. Shaping Places: Urban Planning, Design and Development London: Routledge

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